Gemscool Crazy Shooter

Gemscool Crazy Shooter Online Indonesia is a shooting games that have a theme of modern techno, the most recent and you can play at this time.

You will be presented with a game that condition will experience exciting, as well as having a character that is equipped with cell shading graphics are very unique.

Action of the display can amaze all the gamers, with pick spec that fits perfectly with any computer and can be enjoyed by many. It is one of the games outcome of games gemscool offerings, the feature has a TPS (Third Person Shooting) which is very cool to play.

To gemscool crazy shooter game mode itself has 4 kinds of options, namely Mode Item No., Item Mode, Sniper Mode, and Single Player Mode.

Gemscool Crazy Shooter


First time playing, Yuk see a guide here.

1. Enter your ID and Password.
2. If you are a new player, you will be immediately greeted by Romi to create a new fighter.
3. After that, you will be prompted choose Dao or Diz as your first character, and also enter the name of your character.
4. After selecting and entering the name of your character, you will be prompted to confirm the choice of characters and character names.
5. After confirming the Name characters and character, then the character is successfully created and is ready to be played.
6. After successfully making a character, then you will automatically enter the Tutorial mode.
7. In this tutorial you can get prizes if you finish it.
8. After Completing tutorial, you will automatically be in the lobby Single player, click the arrow to the left over to go back to the Main Lobby.
9. After being in the main lobby click, menu multiplay
10. After that you will be directed to multiplayer lobby, here you and your friends can play together in various modes.
11. Click the Create a room to create a room and choose a mode, for example, we choose pirate fashion.
12. After Room Created, you can invite your friends to play together.


* No Item Mode
In this mode you have to beat the opponent team wear items without assistance.

* Item Mode
In this mode you against another team with unique items that you can get at random in certain places.

* Sniper Mode
In this mode, you can only use as a sniper weapon, let's aim at your opponent!

* Single Player Mode
In this mode you can complete certain missions that can train your skills, this mode has three classes, namely practice, train, and master. To play you have to train the class complete the mission in classroom practice, as well as master classes, you must complete the mission that is in a class Train.

To do I login and register online forums gemscool crazy shooter Indonesia for free, please head to the official site gemscool crazyshooter url