Gemscool Point Blank

Gemscool Point Blank Online Indonesia is one of the games from the online game portals in Indonesia's most favorite by the gamers, because in playing this game can relieve all night and be able to refer adrenaline in you.

Point Blank's own originally developed in South Korea by IO Entertainment and published or introduced to the public by NCsoft. This game uses the type of FPS that can only be played online only.

In game point blank has an unique features that can be found in the play. This is the difference with some other online games such as Counter Strike and Cross Fire.

Though the game is the same as point blank as played by means of point blank online but have their own points thus making the gamers are increasingly challenged in the play.

In the 2 point blank we faced the choice of characters to play free rebels and CT-force. For a free picture of the character almost like a terrorist rebels who perform a variety of violations of law and perform a variety of other crimes.

While the CT-force option is a Marine or a policeman who tried to stop the crimes that are being committed by rebels free. Both of these options in the game point blank berselisihan always giving rise to a conflict that can not be avoided.

Gemscool Point Blank


System title Point Blank big influence to determine the type of police like if you want to choose. There are three types of forces that can be selected, namely Assault, Sniper and Assailant. Each type of specialization memilikii and different ways to silence any opponent. But, before you start to choose the type of cop who would be chosen, make sure you already have four basic degree Point Blank.


1. Deathmatch

Weapons and colleagues next to you are two of the most precious things in battle.
Troopers task is to kill all of these modes in a death match mode, kill all enemies in sight. Feel free to find and demonstrate your ability to attack the enemy troops to ensure victory. Knowledge of the characteristics and conditions of each map will give you an advantage that can be used in every battle. Do not ever be afraid or discouraged if mortally wounded by enemy bullets, because you would have immunity from any form of attack for a while.

2. Bomb Mission

Sniper tactics and teamwork is the key to everything.
The main purpose of the Bomb Mission is to blow up a certain area. The best defense is to kill all the enemies that have been installed or benign. Bomb Mission round format. If you are killed in the game then you have to wait until the next round. Try to set a strategy that will be used for the next round. Nowadays, all you need is the right strategy and perfect teamwork.

3. Destroy Mission

Forward and accept my challenge!
The purpose of this mission is to disintegrate objects from each team. Similar to bombing missions, battle rounds this format. The more damage received your enemy, then the movement will be more aggressive. If you are killed in this battle and you will instantly respawn and can continue fighting back. Take advantage of strategy and teamwork to ensure your victory!

4. Eliminate

Challenges to death!
The only way to win is to kill all the enemies. This battle has a round format. To win a round you must kill all the enemies. If you are killed you will respawn in the next round. The team has reached the specified total rounds will be the winner. If you kill more than 3 people (in mode 8 vs. 8, more than 5 persons) in the first round, will get a bonus Exp. This battle can use folders 4 vs. 4. Feel the new thrill in killing all the enemies on the map.

5. Dino Mode

- Dino Mode Cross-Counter
Playing in the latest fashions Point Blank Indonesia and prove your skills on your enemy. Move quickly and make decisions quickly is the key to hold dino attack and avenge the death of your peers. Like for those of you who choose to join the army Dino, prove that you are a true predator in Dino mode.

- Dino Mode Escape
The fierce predator that has been extinct from time immemorial has returned! They again roam the earth and made ​​it into the field of battle against the forces of the Counter-Terrorist Terrorists. Vicious dog attack and sharp claws tore combat troops does not fit us. Recognizing the differences in power, the police plan to save lives and escape from Dino attack. could they get away? Or will their fate at the fangs and claws eventually kill Dino?

6. Defense

Forward and accept my challenge!
SUCCESSFUL terrorist forces of the State to draw up a new plan to continue their fight! Now they are targeting Building-Building or the finer points that can be fatal stability * Share the World Economy. Fortunately Counter-Terrorist Forces SUCCESSFUL their agents to infiltrate terrorist force. The above statement nil change agents they DID put elite forces to maintain the targeted Important points Terrorist Forces.

7. Special

- SpecialShotgun Mode
This mode is specially created for the lovers of firearm projectiles police fired a number of shots solid, known as Shotgun. As the name suggests, the police can only use a shotgun as a main weapon to defeat any enemy. If the police do not have guns when entering this folder, it will be equipped with automatic Shotgun 870MCS.

- Special Sniper Mode
Favorite mode for Point Blank sniper. This mode is intended only those who have the accuracy and movement above average. Every step and action should really be taken into account if you do not want to lose, because in this mode, any careless step will end in death!

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