Gemscool Dragon Nest

Gemscool Dragon Nest Online Indonesia is one game that has a feature-based 3D with MORPG (Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), and is the latest generation of games by presenting an appearance very agile and dynamic.

It makes as one of the games based RPG (Role Playing Game), which focuses on a character, experience points, Gold, as well as items from the battle. Players can also create a character freely for the most unique, and different from the other characters.

By presenting the features and WASD-mouse combo, which can be used to control FPS games (Role Playing Game), which can move faster and agile to look away.

In this games can be created to consider several factors such as the movement of the characters, monsters response, interaction, so that the player can perform combo attacks on the monsters by using the mouse and keyboard.

Gemscool Dragon Nest


The problem begins, as most stories there, with the crime. Lucius, Desmodeus favorite son, the leader of the gods, stole the light and use the power of light to create his own world. Desmodeus consult with Galantia, adviser of the gods, on the way to getting back her stolen light.

Galantia say that living things in the world are made ​​by him to take back the light. But this will cause Desmodeus lose the most valuable thing for her. Because he thinks that he has lost his most precious possession, Desmodius not heed the warning of Galantia.

And he asked his daughters, Althea and Vestinel, to create a world of his dreams. He was sure one of them will be able to bring the things that he needs to get a very powerful artifact. Two girls make the world think that they can form a creature belonging to reclaim Desmodeus light.

Althea made ​​Verathea, the world is bright and beautiful, also inhabited : Dragon, Ancient, Elf, and Human. These creatures handsome, she is very sure, can definitely take back what his father wanted. Vestinel, creating a world that is dark and full of cunning.

Creatures in his world is cruel, heartless, and will justify all means to regain the light. When they showed their creations to Desmodeus, he was very happy with the world created by Althea, but the eyes of the world's creation Vestinel, with horror and fear.

Jealous and angry, Vestinel sister poisoned with toxins that are extremely dangerous, made ​​of his own crime. It is the last act in the world of the gods. He was forced to flee to a place where the power Desmodeus can not touch it.

Unfortunately, fairness because even this can not help Althea, because while fleeing, Vestinel also carries a magic cup that can cure Althea. That's when Desmodeus Galantia understand the meaning of the warning, because he actually lost the most precious thing to him - not the light that was stolen, but the love of her two sons.

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