Gemscool Lost Saga

Gemscool Lost Saga Online Indonesia is a game that is under the auspices of the famous game portal site gemscool. This game brings the FPS system and free battle mode a genre, which can be done in several arenas or places that has been provided in the online game lost saga.

Not only arena are able to attract the attention of various circles lovers of the game, but the types of characters that include Melee, Ranged, Magic, Special, and Premium can also draw a special attention for the lovers of the game, so the more comfortable in playing online games lost saga of the gemscool.

You alone will be spoiled by the number of games that have their own style, to serve as game-based online services. As gemscool pb and brought the FPS system, and you will be challenged with a shooting game modes.

Gemscool Lost Saga

To enjoy the fifth character I mentioned earlier that you need to hire a currency of one of the soldiers lost gemscool saga. The currency is known by a term that became the name of the peso lost saga special currency in Indonesia.

Acquisition of currency can be obtained by performing a number of battles. If you feel bored with the currency collection then you can wear to the 4 hero with the use of immersion time 2 hours. But in any slot of the character is not in the key.

As with the premium bernamakan hero, you can not wear a mercenary is only with open slots. But you have to buy with 3000 pesos you should spend in order to enjoy the services of the premium hero character.

Similarly gemscool point blank which is presenting an action game, but here you must really be a Hero to be able to win a fight.



Compete as your favorite heroes from around the world and time. Dozens of heroes waiting for a chance to win with you at this time, and there will be more than 100 other hero is waiting to join the fight in the future. Hero LostSaga divided into 5 types, Melee, Ranged, Magic, Special, and Premium. Choose whichever suits your playing style, or you can use all at the same time to do the Hero Swap Combo.

Here is an interesting side of LostSaga, you can use more than one hero in the game, and can combine the skills of each hero to use. There are more than hundreds of combos that you can use, or you incorporate yourself.

Skills in lost saga divided into 4 for each Hero: Weapon Skill, Skill Armor, Helmet Skill and Skill Accessories. All of these skills can be changed depending on the equipment you use. In addition to forging your teeth can become more powerful than ever. Dozens of heroes Gear and waiting for your collection, as well as Rare Item, where unique items, not everyone can have it.

Use the best skills of each hero to victory and a good name for yourself, Guildmu, and also Factionmu, when fighting in an ancient building, air castles, space stations, Korean palace, water gardens, sacred forest, mining areas, campgrounds scouts and many other places.

To do I login and register online forums gemscool lost saga Indonesia for free, please head to the official site gemscool lostsaga url