Gemscool Atlantica

Gemscool Atlantica Online Indonesia is a game that is presented by the Member List to have a classic battle system is turn based. Atlantica itself not just a matchup with one of the game attacking the enemy, but by relying on the expertise in strategy and tactics in order to win.

The game that tells the story behind the adventure to find a land called Atlantis, which is currently being destroyed by its inhabitants. So that they can create a very phenomenal Oriharukon substance, and in a moment atlantis land may disappear due to act of an all-powerful super strength Oriharukon.

As well as the descendants of the ancestral land of Atlantis, then began the journey to find the lost land of the ancestors of the ancient earth. To be able to save the human race from destruction impact strength Oriharukon, as the source of the ability destroyer belonging Atlantis.

Here begins an adventure that takes you into a journey to places that are very dangerous in all corners of the world. So the fight was going to start countless, with a bunch of very strange creatures legend, with a very lethal effect due to the strength of the power Oriharukon.

You are required to help each other soldiers who may have encountered along the way, when about to fight an enemy with great compactness. And must collect all the clues from the remains of ancient civilizations, to be able to bring you into the land of the lost Atlantis.

Gemscool Atlantica

You can recruit 8 of 21 mercenary and will continue to grow, to join the adventure with Atlantian (Players Gemscool Atlantica) other. And can find the most appropriate combination of mercenary, in order to launch an attack and find a weakness opponent.

Atlantian also can form a guild group, which can then be utilized to control an area of ​​the city. When managed to master a town, then Atlantian itself can regulate conditions in the city, such as the setting of trade, culture, security, health, industry, and development planning.

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