Gemscool Kart Rider

Gemscool Kart Rider Online Indonesia is a Racing MMO game which is inspired from racing kart with a choice of cute characteristics and offer an easy game to learn but hard to master. In KartRider there are several variations of game modes on offer such as Item, Racing Skill and combined with dynamic tempo game makes a racing game KartRider so addictive and fun.

KartRider on inspiration from racing kart with a selection of funny traits as well as one among the game which is carried by Nexon has been successful in other countries such as Korea, China, Thailand and Russia. Currently working together with the Register Nexon would bring one of its flagship game between KartRider.

This is from Korean game racing game with multiplayer on-line system, where you can wear and have a virtual car of your dream. From the start the car until the car is branded fantasy real in real life, this is true Register KartRider game that was developed by means of a working relationship with the Korean car company BMW.

Gemscool Kart Rider


Single Play
Train yourself to Rider School and Time Attack. Do not Forget to complete the scenario to get interesting items.

Multi Play
Test skillmu with my friends or and opponents in Multi Play.

Other Modes
Skillmu test on Other Modes like: GrandPrix, Match Guild and other modes.

Riders place to buy items-items that are required to race.

Kart place to upgrade the Riders have.

Riders can follow the Event-Event in progress.


He's a racer who is honest and innocent. He never had a negative thought with others and always uphold justice in the race. He learned from his father as a child. So basically a very good ability and his awesome drift!

Bazzi is Rider who do not care about the surroundings. These properties make Bazzi not afraid of speed while driving Kart. Sometimes he drove casually as he taught himself to drive Kart, but it has a high potential to be a great rider.

Dizni once that fear is a shy Kart driving. But after Dao Kart permission, he also attempted and a Rider with amazing skill. The main goal is to find criminals Lodumani Dizni along with Dao.

Marid is a romantic Rider. Although he's lazy Kart riding, but she always exercises diligently to seize Dao of Dizni. He is more concerned with love than victory.

Mos is a maniac Kart famous Bubble Hill. He was known as a lover of Kart racing. Mos is not concerned with wins and just riding Kart for his hobby.

In gemscool KartRider, Drift is one among the key for winning every competition, with Drift unequal system of on-line racing others. Players will feel the dynamic race in which each movement Drift will feel more real, and has a 3D trajectory pattern combined with a dynamic game and an attractive design.

With a variety of game modes KartRider, you will always be through an exciting time with colleagues or maybe just playing himself. Trigger your car as fast as Speed ​​Mode! Press the "Shift" for Drift, Drift corner of your Nitro sure how soon you will be a full bar, and master to obtain Nitro Drift and cruised to the finish line.

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