Gemscool Eligium

Gemscool Eligium Online Indonesia is an online games by presenting a variety of adventures, which presents a very interesting game to play.

ELIGIUM game has a feature which is very unusual, and very different from other MMORPG games. By having a very deep gameplay and the latest features, which will make you to gain tremendous experience while playing.

The player can complete a wide variety of quests will take you to the world to have a very amazing with incredible detail.

With an arena battle against boss can sue your expertise in managing a strategy, Guild, PvP system, the system Party, Mount and Pet, Ranking system, Multi-Layered system Item Upgrade all be united in this game, to get the latest exciting experience you do not forget.

Gemscool Eligium

General information

Eligium presents a nuanced great features including quests scenario, with a large number can be creepy dungeon with a boss battle that requires large-scale attacks.

With a PvP system, ranking system, Open World, by having a unique item upgrade system. As well as the mount that can be trained and see the growth, the world is full of opportunities and challenges for all the great players.

Eligium will be able to bring players met with a horde of demons, who returned to the surface from underground exile for centuries. And aims to spread fear and terror among the players. Right now in the hands of people who are elected, they can reunite the human race 5, to face the evil forces that rise up from the bottom surface of the soil.


Nation has been able to beat Demon fighters who have fallen in battle. Greed and hatred can lead to war. Seal that curb the forces of evil have been destroyed, so that a crime threatens the survival of this world. There is only a one great hope for all people. Be The Chosen One, unite all nations and destroy the forces of evil for good.

The battle between mankind and the Demon national group, has been going on for years. The number of troops groups are very much the Demon, make mankind aware that the war will not win. Recognizing the risk of major defeats, one of which has hope for survival across the ocean.

They sailed the seas were very vicious, and face a huge danger in order to save their survival. After successfully passing the obstacles ocean, they came to a continent that has been inhabited by creatures other races. Mankind Elves forge alliances with the wise, and the mysterious Silva Panda harmonious.

In which humanity can live in a sense of peace. But the good times may not last too long. Demon bloodthirsty army again showed its fangs and attack the continent. In this time of war, not only humans who will fight, but all the races are disturbed in the continent vowed to unite against them.

Hope people now rely on the forecast, which said there was a The Chosen One. Who will lead the combined forces of the interracial win the battle against Demon, and save the world from chaos and destruction.

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